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Trivia Quiz - Che Guevara - Iconic Revolutionary

Che Guevara became the symbol of the 20th Century revolutionary. Ten trivia questions on the figure who became a pop cultural icon.

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Date Submitted: October 09, 2013
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Che Guevara  Iconic Revolutionary

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1. Che Guevara was born in 1928 in what country?
  A.   Chile
  B.   Brazil
  C.   Cuba
  D.   Argentina

2. What first name was Che Guevara given by his parents?
  A.   Eduardo
  B.   Enrice
  C.   Ernesto
  D.   Phillipe

3. What medical affliction dogged Che Guevara for most of his life?
  A.   asthma
  B.   diabetes
  C.   cystic fibrosis
  D.   psoriasis

4. What does the word "Che" mean?
  A.   comrade
  B.   mate
  C.   friend
  D.   man

5. In 1952 Che Guevara and a friend travelled through much of South America by what means?
  A.   motor bike
  B.   walking
  C.   hitch hiking
  D.   all the above

6. What degree did Che Guevara obtain?
  A.   law
  B.   medical
  C.   teaching
  D.   economics

7. Che Guevara's experiences on his South American trek influenced his political outlook and in 1955 he met fellow revolutionary, Fidel Castro in what city?
  A.   Mexico City
  B.   Miami
  C.   Puerto Rico
  D.   Port au Prince

8. How many wives and children did Che Guevara have?
  A.   0 wives and children
  B.   1 wife and 4 children
  C.   2 wives and 5 children
  D.   4 wives and 9 children

9. In 1965, to which continent did Che Guevara travel to assist with revolutionary initiatives?
  A.   Asia
  B.   Africa
  C.   Europe
  D.   North America

10. In 1967 Che Guevara was shot and killed by the army of what South American nation?
  A.   Ecuador
  B.   Guyana
  C.   Bolivia
  D.   Chile®   

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