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Trivia Quiz - Mariano Rivera- Yankees Greatest Closer

Mariano played in his final All- Star game in 2013 so taking this quiz should be easier than trying to hit Mariano's fastball.

Quiz Number: 5092
Date Submitted: July 17, 2013
Quiz Categories: Major League Baseball
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Mariano Rivera

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Mariano Rivera Yankees Greatest Closer
(Image Source: Mariano Rivera photo credit to Keith Allison)

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1. Mariano played his entire Major League baseball career with which team?
  A.   New York Mets
  B.   San Francisco Giants
  C.   New York Yankees
  D.   Atlanta Braves

2. What jersey number did Mariano wear?
  A.   40
  B.   42
  C.   44
  D.   48

3. What was Mariano's nickname?
  A.   The Janitor
  B.   The Sandman
  C.   The Closer
  D.   Mo

4. Mariano is Major League Baseball's career leader in what category?
  A.   Saves
  B.   Wins
  C.   Games played
  D.   Strikeouts

5. Mariano enters the field to the music of which Metallica song?
  A.   Seek and Destroy
  B.   Enter Sandman
  C.   The Memory Remains
  D.   For Whom the Bell Tolls

6. What is Mariano's signature pitch?
  A.   A Changeup
  B.   A Slider
  C.   A Curve
  D.   A Cut fastball

7. Where was Mariano born?
  A.   Panama
  B.   Venezuela
  C.   Puerto Rico
  D.   Dominican Republic

8. During High School, Mariano had hopes of playing professionally in what other sport?
  A.   Tennis
  B.   Basketball
  C.   Soccer
  D.   Boxing

9. Mariano got his first career save in 1996 against what team?
  A.   Minnesota Twins
  B.   Chicago White Sox
  C.   Texas Rangers
  D.   California Angels

10. Who did Mariano replace as the Yankees closer in 1997?
  A.   Steve Howe
  B.   John Wetteland
  C.   Steve Farr
  D.   Lee Smith®   

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