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Trivia Quiz - Spaced - Season 1

Here's some trivia about season 1 of the British sitcom "Spaced."

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Date Submitted: December 25, 2012
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: jetrose81
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Spaced  Season 1
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1. Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley, both in need of a place to stay, decide to rent an apartment together. In order to rent it, what do they have to be?
  A.   siblings
  B.   college students
  C.   a couple
  D.   expecting parents

2. When Brian, the artist who lives in the basement, is asked what he paints, what is his reply?
  A.   skulls, knives, daggers
  B.   anger, pain, fear, aggression
  C.   fire, wind, earth
  D.   death things

3. In the 3rd episode of the series, an envelope for Brian is delivered to Tim and Daisy's appartment. Inside the envelope is a black piece of paper that only says what word?
  A.   come
  B.   stop
  C.   go
  D.   look

4. What is the name of the dog Daisy brings home?
  A.   Ryan
  B.   Wayne
  C.   Brad
  D.   Colin

5. Before Daisy brought Colin, a dog, home, who objected to the idea of having a dog?
  A.   Tim
  B.   Marsha
  C.   Brian
  D.   Twist

6. Tyres, Tim's friend, invites everyone to a club. Who is resistant because of a bad experience he had at a club in which he spilled a drink and got punched?
  A.   Brian
  B.   Mike
  C.   Tim
  D.   Colin

7. What is Daisy Steiner's occupation?
  A.   artist
  B.   cook
  C.   musician
  D.   writer

8. Who is Twist?
  A.   a dog
  B.   Daisy's friend
  C.   a neighbor
  D.   an old woman

9. Tim's ex-girlfriend wants to get back together, but Tim declines. What is his ex-girlfriend's name?
  A.   Rachel
  B.   Sarah
  C.   Tina
  D.   Winona

10. What is Tim's profession?
  A.   cab driver
  B.   cartoonist
  C.   car salesman
  D.   unemployed®   

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