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Trivia Quiz - Designing Women: Fashionable Sitcom

Do you know any trivia about the TV sitcom, "Designing Women"?

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Date Submitted: December 15, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Designing Women Fashionable Sitcom
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1. What southern U.S. city is the setting for the sitcom, "Designing Women"?
  A.   Atlanta, GA
  B.   Birmingham, AL
  C.   Charleston, SC
  D.   Jackson, MS

2. What is the name of the company owned and operated by the Sugaerbaker sisters?
  A.   Design by Sugarbaker
  B.   Perfect Designs
  C.   Sugarbaker Sisters LLC
  D.   Sugarbaker Designs

3. What was the theme song for the TV sitcom, "Designing Women"?
  A.   Mississippi Queen
  B.   Carolina Star
  C.   Sweet Home Alabama
  D.   Georgia on My Mind

4. What are the first names of the Sugarbaker sisters?
  A.   Julia and Charlene
  B.   Julia and Suzanne
  C.   Suzanne and Mary Jo
  D.   Mary Jo and Charlene

5. Who is the office manager for Sugarbaker Designs?
  A.   Charlene
  B.   Julia
  C.   Mary Jo
  D.   Suzanne

6. Suzanne's housekeeper was often talked about but never seen on the show. What was her name?
  A.   Carmen
  B.   Charlotte
  C.   Carlita
  D.   Consuela

7. Which of the four women on "Designing Women" did not have any children?
  A.   Julia
  B.   Charlene
  C.   Suzanne
  D.   Mary Jo

8. Anthony is the only man on the staff of "Designing Women." He is a a former prison inmate who was falsely convicted of a crime. What crime was it?
  A.   robbery
  B.   forgery
  C.   murder
  D.   embezzlement

9. Although most of her time in the office was spent complaining and questioning the competency of others, Suzanne actually had an official position with Sugarbaker Designs. What was it?
  A.   accountant
  B.   sales person
  C.   on-site designer
  D.   marketing manager

10. On what TV network did "Designing Women" originally air (September 29, 1986 – May 24, 1993)?
  A.   ABC
  B.   CBS
  C.   FOX
  D.   NBC®   

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