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Trivia Quiz - Rickey Henderson- King of Thieves

How much do you know about Major League Baseball's Stolen Base king?

Quiz Number: 4839
Date Submitted: November 29, 2012
Quiz Categories: Major League Baseball
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Rickey Henderson

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Rickey Henderson King of Thieves
(Image Source: Rickey Henderson)

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1. Rickey played for which MLB team four seperate times?
  A.   New York Yankees
  B.   Oakland Athletics
  C.   San Diego Padres
  D.   New York Mets

2. What was Rickey's nickname?
  A.   The Diamond Bandit
  B.   Runnin' Rickey
  C.   The Man of Steal
  D.   Stickey Rickey

3. Rickey was the 1st player in baseball history to do what?
  A.   All of the Below
  B.   Steal 100 bases in a season
  C.   Steal 10 bases in a single game
  D.   Steal 1,000 bases in a career

4. Rickey was born on what holiday in 1958?
  A.   Christmas Day
  B.   New Year's Day
  C.   Fourth of July
  D.   Easter

5. Rickey's childhood dream was to do what?
  A.   Win an Olympic Gold Medal
  B.   Play basketball for the Boston Celtics
  C.   Play baseball for the New York Yankees
  D.   Play football for the Oakland Raiders

6. What team drafted Rickey in the 4th round of the 1976 MLB Draft?
  A.   San Diego Padres
  B.   Oakland Athletics
  C.   New York Yankees
  D.   California Angels

7. Rickey was the 1st player in the American League to do what?
  A.   Steal 100 bases in a season
  B.   Steal home in an All- Star game
  C.   Steal home 10 times in a season
  D.   Steal 5 bases in one inning

8. Rickey set the single season Stolen Base record in 1982 by swiping how many bases?
  A.   110
  B.   125
  C.   130
  D.   145

9. Rickey was the 5,000th career strikeout victim of which Hall of Fame pitcher?
  A.   Roger Clemens
  B.   Nolan Ryan
  C.   Randy Johnson
  D.   Tom Seaver

10. What was the result of Rickey's last career at- bat on September 19, 2003?
  A.   Walk
  B.   Strikeout
  C.   Homerun
  D.   Hit by the Pitch®   

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