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Trivia Quiz - Baseball Triple Crown Winners - Facts

How much do you know about past Triple Crown winners in baseball?

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Date Submitted: October 29, 2012
Quiz Categories: Major League Baseball
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Author: dartjock
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Baseball Triple Crown Winners  Facts

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1. What Triple Crown Winner had the highest batting average?
  A.   Hugh Duffy
  B.   Nap Lajoie
  C.   Ted Williams
  D.   Carl Yastremski

2. What Triple Crown winner hit the most Home Runs?
  A.   Lou Gehrig
  B.   Mickey Mantle
  C.   Frank Robinson
  D.   Miguel Cabrera

3. Which Triple Crown Winner finished the season with the most Runs Batted In?
  A.   Jimmy Foxx
  B.   Lou Gehrig
  C.   Mickey Mantle
  D.   Miguel Cabrera

4. Which Triple Crown Winner hit the fewest Home Runs?
  A.   Tip O'Neill
  B.   Ty Cobb
  C.   Paul Hines
  D.   Nap Lajoie

5. Which player had the least Runs Batted In to win the Triple Crown?
  A.   Nap Lajoie
  B.   Paul Hines
  C.   Tio O'Neill
  D.   Ty Cobb

6. Which Triple Crown Winner had the lowest batting average?
  A.   Mickey Mantle
  B.   Miguel Cabrera
  C.   Carl Yastremski
  D.   Frank Robinson

7. What Triple Crown Winner is also the only Triple Crown Winner to lead the League in Stolen Bases as well?
  A.   Ty Cobb
  B.   Joe Medwick
  C.   Jimmy Foxx
  D.   Rogers Hornsby

8. What year saw a Triple Crown Winner in both Leagues?
  A.   1915
  B.   1926
  C.   1933
  D.   1942

9. During the 1900's, 14 players won the Triple Crown. How many of these 14 players also won the MVP Award?
  A.   14
  B.   12
  C.   9
  D.   6

10. Which Triple Crown Winner finished the season with the most hits?
  A.   Rogers Hornsby
  B.   Ty Cobb
  C.   Ted Williams
  D.   Miguel Cabrera®   

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