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Trivia Quiz - 2012 NFL Referee Lockout

How much do you know about the NFL's Referee Lockout in 2012?

Quiz Number: 4753
Date Submitted: October 18, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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2012 NFL Referee Lockout

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1. How many weeks during the 2012 NFL Season did the Replacement Refs work? (Excluding the Preseason)
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

2. What was the main issue behind the NFL Referee's Lockout?
  A.   Health Insurance
  B.   Salary
  C.   Retirement Plan
  D.   Safety on the Field for Referees

3. How many Officiating Crews does the NFL employ?
  A.   17
  B.   16
  C.   15
  D.   20

4. What was the tipping point that finally led to an agreement between the NFL and the Referees?
  A.   A replacement Referee telling Lesean McCoy that he was on his fantasy team
  B.   Giving Seattle an extra Replay Challenge
  C.   Giving Seattle 4 Timeouts in a game
  D.   A called Touchdown at the end of the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night game.

5. What is Replacement Referee Shannon Eastin now famous for?
  A.   Telling Lesean McCoy that he was on his fantasy team and getting pulled from Refereeing the game.
  B.   The Touchdown call in the Monday Night game between Seattle and Green Bay.
  C.   Being the 1st female to ever officiate an NFL game.
  D.   Giving Seattle a 4th Timeout in the 2nd Half of a game.

6. What Green Bay player had the Infamous tweet, "F@#k it NFL. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular Refs."
  A.   Guard T. J. Lang
  B.   WR Randall Cobb
  C.   RB Cedric Benson
  D.   LB Kyle Matthews

7. Though it didn't affect the outcome, what was Seattle given in week 1 by the Replacement Referees?
  A.   An extra Player on the field
  B.   An extra Down
  C.   An extra Replay Challenge
  D.   An extra Timeout

8. Which NFL Head Coach was fined by the NFL for pulling the arm of a Replacement Referee?
  A.   Mike McCarthy
  B.   Bill Belichick
  C.   Pete Carroll
  D.   Rex Ryan

9. What Wide Receiver was awarded the controversial Touchdown in the Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football game?
  A.   Golden Tate
  B.   Sidney Rice
  C.   Braylon Edwards
  D.   Zach Miller

10. What was the final score of the controversial Seahawks/Packers Monday Night game?
  A.   14-10 Seahawks
  B.   16-14-Packers
  C.   14-12 Seahawks
  D.   14-12 Packers®   

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