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Trivia Quiz - The IT Crowd

Here's a quiz over the second season of the British sitcom, "The IT Crowd."

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Date Submitted: August 08, 2012
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: jetrose81
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The IT Crowd
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1. In "The Work Outing", what is the name of the musical that Phillip takes Jen, Moss and Roy to see?
  A.   Heat
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Gay
  D.   Cabaret

2. In "The Return of the Golden Child", what does Mr. Reynholm's secretary mention that causes him to jump out the window?
  A.   Money missing from the safe
  B.   His ex-wife wants to see him
  C.   Irregularities in the pension fund
  D.   Officials are asking about workers rights

3. In "Smoke and Mirrors", Roy arrives at work wearing what?
  A.   Lipstick
  B.   Eye liner
  C.   High heels
  D.   Earrings

4. In "Moss and the German", Moss answers to an ad for a cooking class. What did the ad say?
  A.   "I want to make you cook"
  B.   "I want you to cook"
  C.   "I want to help you cook"
  D.   "I want to cook with you"

5. When Jen is throwing a dinner party, Moss, Roy and Richmond come as replacements for the guys that cancelled. What is the name of the wine that Roy brings as a gift?
  A.   White Wine
  B.   Red Wine
  C.   Oops
  D.   Elephant on a Tightrope

6. In "Men Without Women", Jen becomes Douglas's personal assistant. What do Moss and Roy replace her with?
  A.   Richmond
  B.   A robot
  C.   A new relationship manager
  D.   An answering machine

7. After Roy prank-calls a pizzeria, asking for a pizza with grapes, Moss suggests that he call again, asking for a pizza with what topping?
  A.   Pineapple
  B.   Onions
  C.   Peppers
  D.   Ham

8. In "The Work Outing", why does Phillip ask Jen for a date?
  A.   She reminds him of someone
  B.   She seems nice
  C.   She looks like a man
  D.   She's intelligent

9. In "Smoke and Mirrors" what is the name of the show that Moss is going to be on?
  A.   Dragon's Den
  B.   Dungeon
  C.   Duncan
  D.   Dog's Day

10. In "Men Without Women" where is Roy trying to hit a golf ball?
  A.   Into his own mouth
  B.   Into a cup
  C.   Through the window
  D.   Into Moss's mouth®   

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