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Trivia Quiz - The IT Crowd - Season 1

Here's a quiz about the first season of the British sitcom, "The IT Crowd."

Quiz Number: 4635
Date Submitted: August 07, 2012
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: jetrose81
Average Score: 69.7 percent
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The IT Crowd  Season 1
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1. In "The Red Door", Roy and Moss warn Jen not to open the red door. Once they're gone, she opens the door. What or who does she find?
  A.   Old computers
  B.   Snakes
  C.   Richmond
  D.   Douglas

2. When Roy and Moss first meet Jen, how does Roy fall and hit his head?
  A.   His chair tips over
  B.   Jen scares him
  C.   He trips over a chord
  D.   He's trying to hide

3. In "Yesterday's Jam" why does Moss recieve the children's edition and the adult's edition of the same book?
  A.   Roy gave them to Moss as a present
  B.   They were delievered by mistake
  C.   He wants to compare the texts
  D.   Moss was going to donate one

4. When an angry woman comes down and starts beating up Roy, what does Jen do to stop her?
  A.   She starts talking about shoes
  B.   She hits the woman with a vase
  C.   She calls security
  D.   She yells "fire"

5. In "Calamity Jen", a fire breaks out in the office. Why can't Moss call for help?
  A.   The telephone was disconnected
  B.   He faints
  C.   He forgot the emergency number
  D.   He can't find the telephone

6. In "Fifty-Fifty", to what restaurant does Moss suggest that Jen and Roy to take their dates?
  A.   Veggie Joe's
  B.   Little England
  C.   Little Freazie's
  D.   Messy Joe's

7. In "The Haunting of Bill Crouse" Bill invites Jen over to listen to his new CD by which singer?
  A.   Jamie Cullum
  B.   Michael Buble
  C.   Diana Krall
  D.   Norah Jones

8. When Jen wants Moss to keep Bill away from her, Moss tells Bill that Jen died. Later, Jen finds a card and flowers in the hall. What is Moss's explanation for them?
  A.   Everyone is welcoming her
  B.   She's being fired
  C.   She's "Employee of the Month"
  D.   She's being promoted

9. In "The Red Door" Mr. Denim Reynholm offers Richmond his old job back. What does Richmond do that makes Mr. Reynholm take back his offer?
  A.   Richmond calls him "Denim"
  B.   Richmond calls him "Mr. R"
  C.   Richmond insults him
  D.   Richmond ruins his suit

10. In "Fifty-Fifty", Jen's boyfriend is on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and he calls Jen to ask her who the composer is of which classical piece?
  A.   Hungarian Rhapsody
  B.   Moonlight Sonata
  C.   The Chocolate Soldier
  D.   The Wooden Prince®   

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