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Trivia Quiz - London: World's Cultural Capital

We have great London facts, London history and London trivia!

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Date Submitted: July 20, 2012
Quiz Categories: Culture, British History, North American Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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London Worlds Cultural Capital
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1. London is the capital city of what country?
  A.   Italy
  B.   Poland
  C.   Germany
  D.   England and the United Kingdom

2. What historic London settlement does the Royal Observatory mark as the Prime Meridian, 0° longitude, and GMT?
  A.   Hackney
  B.   Greenwich
  C.   Camden
  D.   Wandsworth

3. What famous English rock band was formed in London in 1962?
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Rolling Stones
  C.   Emerson,.Lake and Palmer
  D.   The Moody Blues

4. Whose official residence is at Number 10 Downing Street, London?
  A.   Prime Minister
  B.   Royal Family
  C.   Deputy Prime Minister
  D.   Chancellor of the Exchequer

5. What is the nickname for the London Underground railway system?
  A.   London Rail
  B.   The Narrow
  C.   The Snake
  D.   The Tube

6. Where in London are British kings and queens coronated?
  A.   Clarence House
  B.   Buckingham Palace
  C.   Westminster Abbey
  D.   Kensington Palace

7. What river runs through London?
  A.   Thames
  B.   Nene
  C.   Avon
  D.   Medway

8. In what London residence do British kings and queens live?
  A.   Tower of London
  B.   Westminster Abbey
  C.   Buckingham Palace
  D.   Chevening House

9. What is the name of the gigantic ferris wheel in London?
  A.   London Spinner
  B.   London Ferris
  C.   London Wheel
  D.   London Eye

10. London is the first city in the world to host the Olympics how many times?
  A.   3
  B.   4
  C.   5
  D.   6®   

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