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Trivia Quiz - Angel: Glam Rock Band

What do you know about the glam rock band, Angel?

Quiz Number: 4601
Date Submitted: July 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock, Glam Rock
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Angel Glam Rock Band
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1. Angel had a reputation of always dressing in what color?
  A.   white
  B.   black
  C.   green
  D.   red

2. Angel's original members formed the band in what American city?
  A.   Miami
  B.   Houston
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   Washington DC

3. Who formed Angel in the mid-1970s?
  A.   Gregg Giuffria and Mickie Jones
  B.   Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones
  C.   Gregg Giuffria and Barry Brandt
  D.   Frank DiMino and Barry Brandt

4. What famous rocker discovered Angel performing at a nightclub in the 1970s and eventually signed them to a contract with Casablanca Records?
  A.   Cozy Powell
  B.   Joe Satriani
  C.   Ozzy Osbourne
  D.   Gene Simmons

5. Who replaced bassist Mickie Jones after he left the band sometime around 1977?
  A.   John Wetton
  B.   Felix Robinson
  C.   Geezer Butler
  D.   Pete Way

6. Angel's first album was the self-titled Angel (1975). What was the name of their second album, released in 1976?
  A.   On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  B.   Helluva Band
  C.   White Hot
  D.   Sinful

7. In what 1980 American drama film starring Jodie Foster did Angel make an appearance?
  A.   The Hotel New Hampshire
  B.   Candleshoe
  C.   Foxes
  D.   Carny

8. What former Angel member formed the band House of Lords in 1988?
  A.   Gregg Giuffria
  B.   Mickie Jones
  C.   Punky Meadows
  D.   Frank DeMino

9. In the late ’90s, Angel reformed with a new line-up and, in 2000, released a new album called what?
  A.   Can You Feel It?
  B.   In the Beginning
  C.   Sinful
  D.   Live Without a Net

10. On what Angel album will you find the song, "Tower"?
  A.   Helluva Band
  B.   On Earth as It Is in Heaven
  C.   White Hot
  D.   Angel®   

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