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Trivia Quiz - ALF: TV Alien

What do you know about ALF?

Quiz Number: 4594
Date Submitted: July 11, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dave
Average Score: 78 percent
Times Taken: 216 times
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ALF<I> TV Alien
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1. What does ALF stand for?
  A.   Alien Landing Fiend
  B.   Alien Life Form
  C.   Alien Loser Freak
  D.   Alien Lame-O Frump

2. What is ALF's "Earth name"?
  A.   Gordon Sharp
  B.   Gordon Starrunner
  C.   Gordon Shumway
  D.   Gordon Stapleton

3. Where does ALF generally hide when someone from outside the family comes to the house?
  A.   kitchen
  B.   closet
  C.   bedroom
  D.   den

4. What was ALF's home planet?
  A.   Ork
  B.   Blatly
  C.   Xenon
  D.   Melmac

5. What is the last name of the middle-class American family with whom ALF lives?
  A.   Tanner
  B.   Turner
  C.   Tooner
  D.   Thayer

6. What is Willie's occupation?
  A.   social worker
  B.   veterinarian
  C.   restaurant owner
  D.   grocery store manager

7. What is the setting for the TV sitcom, "ALF"?
  A.   Miami
  B.   Providence, RI
  C.   Kansas City
  D.   Los Angeles

8. What species of animal, normally thought of as pets to humans, does ALF like to eat?
  A.   cats
  B.   dogs
  C.   birds
  D.   hamsters

9. Willie and Kate have two children. What are their names?
  A.   Lori and Buddy
  B.   Lynn and Brian
  C.   Laura and Benny
  D.   Liz and Billy

10. Who co-starred with ALF in the 2004 TV show, "ALF's Hit Talk Show"?
  A.   Patrick Duffy
  B.   Johnny Olson
  C.   Ed McMahon
  D.   Bob Eubanks®   

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