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Trivia Quiz - NFL Hall of Famers

I'll describe to you someone in the NFL Hall of Fame and you tell me who it is. Great NFL Hall of Fame trivia!

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Date Submitted: April 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: dartjock
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NFL Hall of Famers
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1. I quarterbacked the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl Championships in six years during the 1970's.
  A.   Mark Malone
  B.   Scott Campbell
  C.   Terry Bradshaw
  D.   Roger Staubach

2. I wore #7 for my entire career with the Denver Broncos and retired after winning the Super Bowl for the 2nd time.
  A.   Len Dawson
  B.   Steve Grogan
  C.   Steve Bartkowski
  D.   John Elway

3. I led the San Diego Chargers during the "Air-Coryell" years and you can now watch my Just for Grey commercials.
  A.   Emmitt Smith
  B.   Dan Fouts
  C.   Ken Stabler
  D.   Jim Plunkett

4. I was nicknamed Mean while with the Pittsburgh Steelers but am most noted for my Coke commercial and the line "Hey Kid...Catch."
  A.   Joe Greene
  B.   L.C.Greenwood
  C.   Jack Lambert
  D.   Kevin Greene

5. I quarterbacked the Buffalo Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl losses.
  A.   Jeff George
  B.   Joe Ferguson
  C.   Drew Bledsoe
  D.   Jim Kelly

6. I played my entire career as a running back with the Chicago Bears and was nicknamed Sweetness.
  A.   Gale Sayers
  B.   Red Grange
  C.   Walter Payton
  D.   Barry Sanders

7. I played my entire career with the Chicago Bears as a running back wearing #40 and was known as the Kansas Comet.
  A.   Gale Sayers
  B.   Red Grange
  C.   Walter Payton
  D.   Curtis Enis

8. Forget football, everyone remembers me for the famous murder trial!
  A.   Otis Thorpe
  B.   Knute Rockne
  C.   O.J.Simpson
  D.   Jim Thorpe

9. I won known as the Minister of Defense.
  A.   Jack Lambert
  B.   Reggie White
  C.   Dick Butkus
  D.   Bubba Smith

10. I was considered the most versatile athlete ever and was stripped of all my Gold Medals when it was discovered that I was paid to play football. I also grew up on an Indian Reservation.
  A.   George Blanda
  B.   Jim Brown
  C.   Knute Rockne
  D.   Jim Thorpe®   

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