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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Greg Brady

This is a groovy quiz about Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch! -Bill

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Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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The Brady Bunch Greg Brady
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1. What was the name of the rock band formed by Greg's cigarette-smoking friend, Tommy?
  A.   Davy Jones Locker
  B.   The Griffins
  C.   The Prairie Dogs
  D.   The Banana Convention

2. What part did Bobby and Peter play in the film Greg made for a class project?
  A.   American Indians
  B.   A horse
  C.   Cowboys
  D.   Bad guys

3. What was the football injury that Greg sustained?
  A.   A broken arm
  B.   A torn ligament in his leg
  C.   A broken knee cap
  D.   A hairline fracture of the ribs

4. What famous pitcher encourages Greg to work towards becoming a major-league baseball player?
  A.   Bob Gibson
  B.   Mike Marshall
  C.   Don Drysdale
  D.   Sparky Lyle

5. Who snitches on Greg when he is caught smoking?
  A.   Marcia
  B.   Jan
  C.   Peter
  D.   Bobby

6. Greg steals the mascot belonging to the rival high school. What kind of animal is it?
  A.   A goat
  B.   A pig
  C.   A donkey
  D.   A sheep

7. Greg left the football team to do what:
  A.   Play on the hockey team
  B.   Work as the team's official photographer
  C.   Spend more time with his girlfriend
  D.   Get a job at the department store

8. Who does Greg trick into believing there is a UFO frequenting the neighborhood?
  A.   Cindy
  B.   Jan
  C.   Peter
  D.   Bobby

9. The show business agent wants to sign Greg as the:
  A.   "New Gorgeous George"
  B.   "New Gyrating George"
  C.   "New Rockin' Richie"
  D.   "New Johnny Bravo"

10. Why was Greg fired from his job as a messenger boy at Mike's company after working only one day?
  A.   Because he lost Mike's plans at a newsstand
  B.   Because he was flirting with his boss's daughter
  C.   Because he was late for work
  D.   Because he spent most of the day goofing around®   

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