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Trivia Quiz - As Good As It Gets

My absolute favorite Jack Nicholson film! Even better since it also stars Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Quiz Number: 4308
Date Submitted: February 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 64.1 percent
Times Taken: 186 times
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As Good As It Gets
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1. What is the name of Simon's dog?
  A.   Jill
  B.   Skeet
  C.   Verdell
  D.   Waldo

2. Melvin Udall suffers from
  A.   bipolar disorder
  B.   dissociative identity disorder
  C.   obsessive-compulsive disorder
  D.   schizophrenia

3. Once he starts taking care of Simon's dog, Melvin always carries ____ in his pocket.
  A.   bacon
  B.   dog treats
  C.   liver
  D.   smoked sausage

4. Carol's last name is
  A.   Connelly
  B.   Hennessy
  C.   O'Connor
  D.   Shaunessy

5. What is the name of Carol's boss?
  A.   Bob
  B.   Bryan
  C.   Darren
  D.   Russ

6. This song is playing when Melvin shows up at Carol's place unannounced:
  A.   Climb On by Shaun Colvin
  B.   Love Train by the O'Jays
  C.   My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small
  D.   Tuxedo Junction by the Manhattan Transfer

7. According to Melvin, a lot of people have great stories to tell about good times and
  A.   potato salad
  B.   draft beer
  C.   noodle salad
  D.   noodle soup

8. What is the name of Carol's son?
  A.   Bryce
  B.   Cameron
  C.   Pierce
  D.   Spencer

9. Where do they take Carol's son when his fever gets high?
  A.   Brooklyn Presbyterian Hospital
  B.   Manhattan General Hospital
  C.   Ridgeway Emergency Clinic
  D.   St. Christopher's Medical Center

10. Where do Simon's parents live?
  A.   Baltimore
  B.   Cleveland
  C.   Dover
  D.   Pittsburgh®   

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