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Trivia Quiz - Mistresses - Friends of the Rich and Powerful

Match the following women with the influential men who shared their favours.

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Date Submitted: January 10, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, Royalty
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Mistresses  Friends of the Rich and Powerful

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1. Actress Marion Davies was kept by which powerful US businessman on the west coast while his wife was living on the east coast?
  A.   Henry Ford
  B.   William Randolph Hearst
  C.   Dale Carnegie
  D.   Howard Hughes

2. Which noted Englishman was one of the conquests of actress Lillie Langtry?
  A.   William Gladstone
  B.   Oscar Wilde
  C.   Edward VII
  D.   Horatio Nelson

3. Queen Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur but also the mistress of which Knight of the Round Table?
  A.   Sir Galahad
  B.   Sir Geraint
  C.   Sir Gawaine
  D.   Sir Lancelot

4. The dancer and actress Lola Montez became the mistress of which European monarch?
  A.   Oscar III of Sweden
  B.   Frederick II of Netherlands
  C.   Ludwig I of Bavaria
  D.   Karl II of Lichtenstein

5. Orange-seller, actress and social climber, Nell Gwyn became the paramour of which 17th century Englishman?
  A.   Charles II
  B.   Jonathon Swift
  C.   Samuel Pepys
  D.   Oliver Cromwell

6. Alice Keppel became the mistress of which 19th/20th century Englishman?
  A.   Lord Kitchener
  B.   David Lloyd George
  C.   Edward VII
  D.   Benjamin Disraeli

7. Which member of the US Kennedy family acquired Judith Campbell as a mistress?
  A.   Joseph Kennedy
  B.   Edward Kennedy
  C.   Robert Kennedy
  D.   John Kemedy

8. Which French king accessed the favours of Madame de Pompadour?
  A.   Louis XIV
  B.   Louis XV
  C.   Louis XVI
  D.   Louis XVII

9. Which two famous Romans found Queen Cleopatra of Egypt to be a willing mistress?
  A.   Ptolemy and Brutus
  B.   Augustus Caesar and Caligula
  C.   Octavian and Cassius
  D.   Julius Caesar and Mark Antony

10. Which royal carried on a long-term affair with Camilla Parker Bowles?
  A.   Edward, Earl of Essex
  B.   Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
  C.   Andrew, Duke of York
  D.   Charles, Prince of Wales®   

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