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Trivia Quiz - DeWitt Clinton: Digger of the Ditch

DeWitt Clinton was an early American politician and naturalist who served as United States Senator and the sixth Governor of New York. In this last capacity he was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.

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Date Submitted: December 17, 2011
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Quiz is about: Dewitt Clinton

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DeWitt Clinton Digger of the Ditch
(Image Source: Dewitt Clinton public domain image)

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1. Why did Dewitt Clinton resign his US Senate seat after about 1.5 years?
  A.   To marry his mistress.
  B.   He contracted malaria; health reasons.
  C.   He did not like Washington, DC.
  D.   He was outraged by the Louisiana Purchase, and quit in protest.

2. Dewitt Clinton became a member of what Commission, which became his defining legacy?
  A.   Tammny Hall Reform Commission
  B.   The Erie Canal Commission
  C.   The Impeach John Q. Adams Commission.
  D.   The NY Albany Commission and Political Force

3. Dewitt Clinton ran for office in 1812 as a Federalist, and had a strong showing. What office?
  A.   Vice President, USA
  B.   President, USA
  C.   Governor, MA
  D.   Governor, NY

4. In 1817, Clinton was again elected to office, with a margin of 43,310 to 1,479 votes. What was the office?
  A.   US Vice President
  B.   US President
  C.   Governor, NY
  D.   Lt. Governor, NY

5. Dewitt Clinton was NOT nominated for re-election as NY Governor by his own party, the Democratic-Republican Party. How did Clinton respond to the slight?
  A.   He quietly went to his ancestoral home, and retired.
  B.   He had a public breakdown, and told the newspapers "You won't have DeWitt Clinton to kick around anymore!"
  C.   The public nominated Clinton by popular acclaim, and he was re-elected handily WITHOUT Party support.
  D.   Clinton changed to allegiance to the No-Nothing Party, but lost the election.

6. Dewitt Clinton's accomplishments as a public servant include all of the below, except:
  A.   improvements of the public school system.
  B.   encouraging of steam navigation.
  C.   instituting universal suffrage in NY and Massachusetts.
  D.   legislation regarding debt and crime.

7. What famous and successful NY politician led Clinton's political enemies from the infamous NY Tammany political machine?
  A.   John Q. Adams
  B.   Andrew Jackson
  C.   Daniel D. Tompkins
  D.   Martin Van Buren

8. In 1817, Clinton convinced the NY Legislature to appropriate $7 million dollars for what became "Clinton's Ditch". What did the "Ditch" become?
  A.   The Hydroelectric facilities spillways on the St. Lawrence River
  B.   The Hudson River Harbor and Manhattan Island Canal
  C.   The Moat around Sing Sing Prison, where murders were drowned.
  D.   The Erie Canal

9. In 1825, Clinton presided over the mingling of the waters; what waters were mingled?
  A.   Lake Erie water into NYC Harbor.
  B.   Lake Ontario water into the Hudson River.
  C.   Water from the Potomac River into the St. Lawrence River.
  D.   Branch water from Tennessee into a vat of NY Whiskey in Albany.

10. Clinton's father was also an accomplished NY resident. What is the highest rank he, James Clinton, attained during the Revolutionary War?
  A.   Bridadier General
  B.   Colonel
  C.   Major
  D.   Captain, US Navy®   

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