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Trivia Quiz - Motörhead

Questions about the members, albums, orgins and more for the heavy metal rock band Motörhead. Great Motorhead trivia here!

Quiz Number: 4092
Date Submitted: September 27, 2011
Quiz Categories: Heavy Metal
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
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1. Who was the original lead singer for Motörhead?
  A.   Phil Campbell
  B.   Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister
  C.   Larry Wallis
  D.   Brian Robertson

2. Who was the original drummer for Motörhead?
  A.   Mikkey Dee
  B.   Eddie Clarke
  C.   Pete Gill
  D.   Lucas Fox

3. What year was Motörhead's "Kiss of Death" released?
  A.   1998
  B.   2001
  C.   2006
  D.   2010

4. What former Motörhead member died on 9 July 2011?
  A.   Würzel
  B.   Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor
  C.   Pete Gill
  D.   "Fast" Eddie Clarke

5. Where is Motörhead's orgin?
  A.   New York City
  B.   London, England
  C.   Chicago, Illinois
  D.   Paris, France

6. The name "Motörhead" is a reference to users of what drug?
  A.   marijuana
  B.   amphetamine
  C.   cocaine
  D.   heroin

7. Motörhead's distinctive fanged-face logo, with its oversized boar's horns, chains, and spikes has been referred to as what?
  A.   War-Pig
  B.   Snaggletooth
  C.   Wolf-Tusk
  D.   Both A and B

8. In what band did Motörhead's Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister formerly play?
  A.   Aerosmith
  B.   Black Sabbath
  C.   Hawkwind
  D.   AC/DC

9. What WWE superstar has the Motörhead song, "The Game" as his entrance theme song?
  A.   Triple H
  B.   The Undertaker
  C.   Randy Ortan
  D.   John Cena

10. Motörhead supporters are commonly referred to as what?
  A.   Motörheadfreakers
  B.   Motörmaniacs
  C.   Motörheaders
  D.   Motörheadbangers®   

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