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Trivia Quiz - Chester Nimitz: Fleet Admiral

What do you know about Chester Nimitz, Fleet Admiral?

Quiz Number: 4041
Date Submitted: September 04, 2011
Quiz Categories: World War II, American Military
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Chester W Nimitz

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Chester Nimitz Fleet Admiral
(Image Source: public domain photo of Chester W. Nimitz)

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1. What happened to Chester Nimitz while serving on the USS Decatur in 1907?
  A.   married a Phillipino princess
  B.   lost an hand during a pirate attack
  C.   was promoted to Captain for heroism during the Spanish-American War
  D.   was court-martialed when the ship ran aground

2. What happened to Nimitz while returning from Asiatic Station?
  A.   volunteered for submarine duty
  B.   resigned his commission and traveled across the USA
  C.   learned to fly fighter planes
  D.   contracted a serious lung ailment

3. Nimitz was decorated in 1912 for heroism; what happened?
  A.   Nimitz put out a fire on an old battleship.
  B.   Nimitz saved the Admiral's daughter from a fire.
  C.   Nimitz saved a sailor from drowning.
  D.   Nimitz stopped a runaway carriage from killing school children.

4. When Nimitz was the Executive Officer of the USS Maumee, the ship conducted the first ever:
  A.   biological attack on a city
  B.   high pressure steam explosion
  C.   underway refuelings
  D.   attack on Libya and Tripoli

5. In 1926 Nimitz went to the University of California, Berkeley to establish what?
  A.   nuclear weapons program
  B.   a corp of female nurses
  C.   a submarine rescue group
  D.   the Navy's first Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps unit

6. December 1941 he was selected Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CinCPAC), with the rank of Admiral, effective from 31 December. He took command in a ceremony on what ship?
  A.   The inverted hull of the USS Arizona
  B.   The submarine USS Grayling
  C.   On the flight deck of the USS Enterprise
  D.   The USS Maine, on the quarterdeck.

7. To what rank was Nimitz promoted to in December of 1944?
  A.   Grand Admiral and Chief
  B.   Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy
  C.   Chief of Naval Operation
  D.   Secretary of the Navy

8. Where was Mrs. Nimitz during WWII?
  A.   with her husband
  B.   in the continental USA
  C.   she died before the war
  D.   in Hawaii

9. After WWII ended in November 1945, the US Senate nominated and confirmed Nimitz for what position?
  A.   Chief of Naval Operation
  B.   Secretary of State
  C.   Director of Central Intelligence
  D.   Secretary of Defense

10. After WWII, Nimitz provided an affidavit to help which German Naval officer?
  A.   Herman Goering
  B.   Adolf Hiltler
  C.   Karl Dönitz
  D.   Heinrich Himmler®   

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