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Trivia Quiz - English Royalty Firsts

The kings and queens of England have provided their country with a rich history. Discover which of them performed these notable firsts.

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Date Submitted: April 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: Amazing "Firsts" in History!, British Royalty
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Author: grant228
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English Royalty Firsts
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1. Who was the first English king to be divorced?
  A.   Edward VII
  B.   Henry VIII
  C.   George III
  D.   Edward VIII

2. Which English monarch was the first to deliver the Christmas Day broadcast?
  A.   George V
  B.   George VI
  C.   Edward VIII
  D.   Elizabeth II

3. Which English king was the first to be legally executed?
  A.   William III
  B.   Henry III
  C.   Charles II
  D.   Charles I

4. Who was the first English monarch to live in Buckingham Palace?
  A.   William VI
  B.   George III
  C.   Victoria
  D.   Edward VII

5. Which English monarch was the first to abdicate?
  A.   Edward VIII
  B.   Richard II
  C.   George III
  D.   Mary I

6. Which English king was the first, and so far only king killed with a red-hot poker inserted into his rectum?
  A.   Edward I
  B.   Edward II
  C.   William II
  D.   Henry III

7. Who was the first reigning English monarch to visit New Zealand and Australia?
  A.   George VI
  B.   Elizabeth II
  C.   Edward VII
  D.   George V

8. Which English king was the first ruler following the interregnum of Oliver Cromwell?
  A.   James I
  B.   Charles II
  C.   James II
  D.   William III

9. Which English king was the first Prince of Wales?
  A.   Edward V
  B.   Edward I
  C.   Edward III
  D.   Edward II

10. Which English king was the first Hanoverian king?
  A.   George I
  B.   William IV
  C.   Stephen I
  D.   Egbert I®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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