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Trivia Quiz - The Tic Code

A must see film for Gregory Hines fans, The Tic Code showcases his acting ability, rather than his talent as a dancer/singer. It's also the best Tourette's movie ever.

Quiz Number: 3766
Date Submitted: January 03, 2011
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Tic Code
(Image Source: The Tic Code)

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1. Miles was glad his mother did not name him after:
  A.   Vladimir Horowitz
  B.   Thelonius Monk
  C.   Itzhak Perlman
  D.   Anton Rubenstein

2. Miles frequently practiced piano at this club:
  A.   Blue Note
  B.   The Budapest
  C.   Sting
  D.   Village Vanguard

3. What was the name of the jazz musician played by Gregory Hines?
  A.   Kingston McKinney
  B.   Sparky Williams
  C.   Tiny Nyner
  D.   Tyrone Pike

4. Laura could "do" all the instruments to this song:
  A.   Blues in Hoss's Flat
  B.   First Sight
  C.   'Round Midnight
  D.   St. Louis Blues

5. The song Miles' best friend claimed to write actually came from this opera:
  A.   Barber of Seville
  B.   Carmen
  C.   Madame Butterfly
  D.   The Magic Flute

6. What was the name of Miles' best friend?
  A.   Denny
  B.   Joe
  C.   Michael
  D.   Todd

7. According to Tyrone, this was Laura's favorite subject:
  A.   Miles
  B.   music
  C.   sewing
  D.   Tourette's Syndrome

8. What was Laura's occupation?
  A.   caterer
  B.   musician
  C.   seamstress
  D.   teacher

9. When Miles got upset and ran away to the boat basin, what did he take with him?
  A.   one of his medicated patches
  B.   a picture of his father
  C.   his mother's pistol
  D.   a squirt gun

10. Sparky was a big believer in:
  A.   astrology
  B.   tarot cards
  C.   voodoo
  D.   Zen meditation®   

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