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Trivia Quiz - The Munsters Basics

Any sitcom buff should score a 10 on this easy "Munsters" quiz.

Quiz Number: 373
Date Submitted: May 07, 2006
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
Average Score: 69.2 percent
Times Taken: 862 times
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The Munsters Basics
(Image Source: The Munsters @ Adoption Blogs)

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1. Where did Herman Munster work?
  A.   the graveyard
  B.   McDonalds
  C.   a shoe store
  D.   the funeral parlor

2. What actor played Grandpa Munster?
  A.   Fred Gwynne
  B.   Al Lewis
  C.   Alan Hale Jr.
  D.   Sterling Holloway

3. How was Marilyn related to Herman and Lily Munster?
  A.   daughter
  B.   Lily's sister
  C.   niece
  D.   granddaughter

4. Where is the telephone located on the Munsters show?
  A.   on the telephone table
  B.   in a casket
  C.   on the wall
  D.   on a grave marker in the living room

5. Where is Grandpa Munster's laboratory located?
  A.   in the kitchen
  B.   in the guest house
  C.   in the family room
  D.   in the dungeon

6. What kind of animal was the Munster's pet, Spot?
  A.   a bat
  B.   a fire-breathing dragon
  C.   a dog
  D.   a wolf

7. Where did Spot stay most of the time on the Munster's show?
  A.   under the stairs
  B.   in his "dog" house
  C.   in the garage
  D.   in the dungeon

8. Where did Eddie Munster sleep?
  A.   in the closet
  B.   in the dresser drawer
  C.   in a casket
  D.   in his bed

9. About how old was Herman Munster?
  A.   130
  B.   150
  C.   190
  D.   250

10. What type of animal was Grampa's pet, Igor?
  A.   a bat
  B.   a fire-breathing dragon
  C.   a dog
  D.   a wolf®   

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