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Trivia Quiz - Ursula Andress: Legendary Sex Symbol!

What do you know about the life and career of Ursula Andress?

Quiz Number: 3646
Date Submitted: December 07, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 60 percent
Times Taken: 31 times
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Quiz is about: Ursula Andress

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Ursula Andress Legendary Sex Symbol
(Image Source: Ursula Andress Public Domain Photio)

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1. In what country was Ursula Andress born and raised?
  A.   Switzerland
  B.   Sweden
  C.   Finland
  D.   Norway

2. Ms. Andress' first movie roles were in the Italian movie industry. How did she get discovered?
  A.   she was vacationing there and met a movie recruiting agent
  B.   her family moved to Italy when she was a youngster
  C.   she was an art student in Rome
  D.   she was with a signing troupe at a young age and happened to be in Italy

3. Ms. Andress is fluent in several languages. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?
  A.   French
  B.   Italian
  C.   German
  D.   Spanish

4. Ursula Andress' breakthrough role came as a shell diver and James Bond's object of desire in "Dr. No" (1962), the first Bond movie. What character did she portray?
  A.   M
  B.   Honey Ryder
  C.   Sylvia Trench
  D.   Miss Moneypenny

5. A famous scene in "Dr. No" is when Ms. Andress' character comes rising up out of the Caribbean sea wearing a hot bikini. What color was the bikini?
  A.   yellow
  B.   pink
  C.   gold
  D.   white

6. Who was Ursula's first husband?
  A.   Harry Hamlin
  B.   Lorenzo Rispoli
  C.   Marlon Brando
  D.   John Derek

7. What role did Ms. Andress play in the 1967 film "Casino Royale"?
  A.   Agent Mimi/Lady Fiona McTarry
  B.   Miss Moneypenny
  C.   Vesper Lynd
  D.   Miss Goodthighs

8. In which movie did Ms. Andress wear a famously ballistic bra?
  A.   Nightmare in the Sun
  B.   Casino Royale
  C.   What's New Pussycat?
  D.   The 10th Victim

9. What role did Ms. Andress play in the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans"?
  A.   Thetis
  B.   Aphrodite
  C.   Hera
  D.   Andromeda

10. What is the name of Ursula's son, her only biological child?
  A.   Dimitri
  B.   Alexander
  C.   Daniel
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