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Trivia Quiz - The White Shadow

How much do you remember about this CBS series about a white basketball coach at an inner city high school? "The White Shadow" was great!

Quiz Number: 3602
Date Submitted: November 28, 2010
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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The White Shadow
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1. For what professional team did Coach Ken Reeves play before becoming basketball coach at Carver High?
  A.   Boston Celtics
  B.   New York Knicks
  C.   Chicago Bulls
  D.   Los Angeles Lakers

2. Sybil Buchanan, Carver High's vice-principal who frequently clashed with Coach Reeves, was played by what character actress?
  A.   C.C.H. Pounder
  B.   Alfre Woodard
  C.   Joan Pringle
  D.   Diahann Carrol

3. Which member of Carver High's basketball team later ended up as a hospital orderly on the television series "St. Elsewhere"?
  A.   Warren Coolidge
  B.   Morris Thorpe
  C.   Milton Reese
  D.   Curtis Jackson

4. Which member of the team was killed in a liquor store holdup as the team was getting ready to play for the city championship?
  A.   Abner Goldstein
  B.   Curtis Jackson
  C.   Milton Reese
  D.   James Hayward

5. By what nickname did Mario "Salami" Pettrino refer to his car?
  A.   The 3 Point Mobile
  B.   The Layup Limo
  C.   The Full Court Presser
  D.   The Motel California

6. One of the show's traditions was the "Shower of Power" in which members of the team sang classic 60s R&B songs in four part harmony while showering. Which of the following songs did they NOT perform?
  A.   Big Girls Don't Cry
  B.   My Girl
  C.   Duke of Earl
  D.   Under the Boardwalk

7. For how many seasons did "The White Shadow" run on television?
  A.   Two
  B.   Three
  C.   Four
  D.   Five

8. Prior to hiring Ken Reeves as Carver High's basketball coach, how was principal Jim Willis associated with him?
  A.   They were childhood friends
  B.   They played in the NBA together
  C.   They were college roommates
  D.   They were in the Army together

9. In season two of "The White Shadow" black actor Roosevelt Grier played Ezra Davis, who coached in what sport for Carver High?
  A.   Wrestling
  B.   Football
  C.   Baseball
  D.   Track

10. Which member of the team tried out for the Harlem Globetrotters but was told to finish school?
  A.   Morris Thorpe
  B.   Milton Reese
  C.   James Hayward
  D.   Warren Coolidge®   

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