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Trivia Quiz - European Countries and Capitals

Try your luck by taking this trivia quiz. Just match these European countries with their capitals!

Quiz Number: 3598
Date Submitted: November 26, 2010
Quiz Categories: European Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Ida May
Average Score: 80.7 percent
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European Countries and Capitals
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1. What is the capital of Switzerland?
  A.   St.Gallen
  B.   Zurich
  C.   Schwyz
  D.   Bern

2. What is the capital of Lithuania?
  A.   Vilnius
  B.   Neringa
  C.   Akmene
  D.   Pandelys

3. What is the capital of Germany?
  A.   Frankfurt
  B.   Dresden
  C.   Berlin
  D.   Munich

4. What is the capital of Slovenia?
  A.   Ljubljana
  B.   Celji
  C.   Postojna
  D.   Zagorje

5. What is the capital of Iceland?
  A.   Vik
  B.   Vestmannaeyjar
  C.   Dalvik
  D.   Reykjavik

6. What is the capital of Denmark?
  A.   Odense
  B.   Copenhagen
  C.   Horsens
  D.   Skagen

7. What is the capital of Italy?
  A.   Rome
  B.   Venice
  C.   Genoa
  D.   Milan

8. What is the capital of Bulgaria?
  A.   Vidin
  B.   Ruse
  C.   Yambol
  D.   Sofia

9. What is the capital of Poland?
  A.   Czestochowa
  B.   Lublin
  C.   Warsaw
  D.   Gdynia

10. What is the capital of Austria?
  A.   Hallein
  B.   Vienna
  C.   Amstetten
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