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Trivia Quiz - As Time Goes By - Popular British Sitcom: part 2

Lovers reunite after the Korean war.

Quiz Number: 3370
Date Submitted: April 20, 2010
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: katkade
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As Time Goes By  Popular British Sitcom part 2
(Image Source: As Time Goes By Cast Photo)

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1. In "As Time Goes By," Rocky's housekeeper, Mrs Bale, always passes comment on which subject?
  A.   The price of eggs in China
  B.   The political climate
  C.   The weather in the channel
  D.   The neighbour's business

2. What is Mrs Bale's mode of transport?
  A.   A motorcycle with a sidecar
  B.   A mini minor
  C.   A bicycle
  D.   Chaueffer driven limousine

3. Who is always asking some lady to marry him?
  A.   Lionel
  B.   Rocky
  C.   Alastair
  D.   Stephen

4. How many times has Judy been married?
  A.   never
  B.   once
  C.   twice
  D.   thrice

5. How does Sandy fit into the picture?
  A.   Jean's daughter
  B.   Judy's best friend
  C.   Work collegue to Jean & Judy
  D.   Work collegue, friend & substitute daughter

6. Which actor plays Lionel?
  A.   Tim Wylton
  B.   Frank Middlemass
  C.   Geoffrey Palmer
  D.   Daniel Ryan

7. What happens to Lionel & Jean?
  A.   They part as friends
  B.   They get married
  C.   Lionel returns to Kenya
  D.   They part as bitter enemies

8. What does Lionel want Jean to do?
  A.   Retire
  B.   Move to Kenya
  C.   Move to the country
  D.   Move to Australia

9. What are the names of Jean's husband's sister & her husband?
  A.   Rocky & Madge
  B.   Penny & Stephen
  C.   Sandy & Harry
  D.   Alastair & Judy

10. What is Penny's common saying around Jean?
  A.   "That's life"
  B.   "If you say so"
  C.   "Never mind"
  D.   "Poor Jean"®   

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