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Trivia Quiz - As Time Goes By - Popular British Sitcom

Young lovers parted by war are reunited after 34 years.

Quiz Number: 3369
Date Submitted: April 20, 2010
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: katkade
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As Time Goes By  Popular British Sitcom
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1. How does Lionel Hardcastle become reunited with Jean Pargenter?
  A.   Both hail the same taxi
  B.   Hires a secretary to edit his book
  C.   Meet at a dinner party
  D.   Run into each other at the theatre

2. Were either Lionel or Jean married before?
  A.   Lionel was married
  B.   Jean was married
  C.   Neither was married
  D.   Both were married

3. How did Lionel and Jean originally lose touch?
  A.   Forgot each other
  B.   Found new loves
  C.   Letters lost in transit
  D.   Decided to call it off

4. To which country did Lionel go after the war?
  A.   Kenya
  B.   Barbardos
  C.   France
  D.   Australia

5. What was the name of Lionel's book?
  A.   "How to Survive a War"
  B.   "My Life in Kenya"
  C.   "The Man of Many Countries"
  D.   "I was a Coffee Merchant"

6. How many children does Jean have?
  A.   one son
  B.   one son, one daughter
  C.   one daughter
  D.   twins

7. Which actor plays Jean?
  A.   Helen Mirren
  B.   Vanessa Redgrave
  C.   Julie Walters
  D.   Judy Dench

8. What is Lionel's favourite sweet?
  A.   Lamington
  B.   Custard tart
  C.   Sponge cake
  D.   chocolate eclair

9. Who lives in Jean's house?
  A.   Jean, Lionel, Judith & Sandy
  B.   Jean
  C.   Jean & Lionel
  D.   Jean, Alaister & Judith

10. What is the name of Lionel's father?
  A.   Alaister
  B.   Sandy
  C.   Rocky
  D.   Lionel Snr®   

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