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Trivia Quiz - O.J. Simpson

What do you know about the personal life, career and crimes of sports star and thug, O.J. Simpson?

Quiz Number: 3281
Date Submitted: December 09, 2009
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law, Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: BubblyJolie
Average Score: 74.3 percent
Times Taken: 711 times
Taken by Registered Users: 16
Quiz is about: O.J. Simpson

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O.J. Simpson
(Image Source: O.J. Simpson)

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1. What does O.J. stand for?
  A.   Orange Juice
  B.   Orenthal James
  C.   Oliver James
  D.   Oren Jaeger

2. What is O.J.'s nickname?
  A.   The Juice
  B.   Shake-n-Bake
  C.   The Man
  D.   Dyno-Kid

3. For what university was O.J. a standout running back in football?
  A.   University of Washington
  B.   Loma Linda University
  C.   University of Southern California
  D.   Pacific Western University

4. For what NFL team did O.J. play most of his career?
  A.   Buffalo Bills
  B.   San Francisco 49ers
  C.   Detroit Lions
  D.   Atlanta Falcons

5. Simpson was the first NFL player to do what?
  A.   rush for 12 touchdowns in a season
  B.   rush for 2,000 yards in a season
  C.   catch 10 touchdown passes in a season
  D.   all of the above

6. Before he retired from football he had an acting career. In what mini-series did he star?
  A.   The National Dream
  B.   Rich Man, Poor Man
  C.   The Quatermass Experiment
  D.   Roots

7. In 1995, Simpson was charged with the murder of whom?
  A.   his wife and her friend
  B.   his mother
  C.   his agent
  D.   his sister

8. Which of the following was not one of O.J.'s high-profile lawyers during his 1995 trial for charges of murder?
  A.   Marcia Clark
  B.   Johnnie Cochran
  C.   F. Lee Bailey
  D.   Robert Shapiro

9. In his murder trials, O.J.'s defense lawyers tried to prove that evidence was planted at the murder scene by what police officer?
  A.   Tom Lange
  B.   Phillip Vanatter
  C.   Dennis Fung
  D.   Mark Fuhrman

10. In 2006, Simpson wrote a book about the murders. What was the title of the book?
  A.   If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer
  B.   How I Did It
  C.   I Didn't Do It
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