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Trivia Quiz - French Revolution

The French Revolution saw a royal family deposed and the rise of the democratic ideal that placed government in the hands of the people.

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Date Submitted: November 15, 2009
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French Revolution
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1. The royal household that was overthrown during the French Revolution was known as what?
  A.   Chivas Regal
  B.   Bourbon
  C.   Champagne
  D.   Cognac

2. Which body was not represented in the Estates-General, a parliamentary body designed to share some political power?
  A.   Clergy
  B.   Nobility
  C.   Commoners
  D.   Army

3. After Louis XVI banned members of the Third Estate from the Palace of Versailles, where did they swear an oath declaring they constituted the National Assembly?
  A.   West bank of the Seine
  B.   Notre Dame Cathedral
  C.   Champs Elysee
  D.   Tennis Court

4. On August 26, 1789 the National Assembly issued a:
  A.   Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  B.   Statement of Democratic Beliefs and Obligations
  C.   Constitution entitled "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity"
  D.   Death warrant for Louis XVI

5. Which of these was not a political faction during the revolution?
  A.   Perigords
  B.   Girondins
  C.   Jacobins
  D.   Montagnards

6. The Reign of Terror was overseen by the:
  A.   Citizens' Protection Committee
  B.   Revolutionary Assembly
  C.   Committee of Public Safety
  D.   Parisian Citizens' Army

7. Approximately how many people were guillotined during the Reign of Terror?
  A.   3,000
  B.   10,000
  C.   17,000
  D.   25,000

8. The Reign of Terror effectively ended with the execution of:
  A.   Maximilien Robespierre
  B.   Georges Danton
  C.   Louis XVI
  D.   Marie Antoinette

9. The radical politician Jean-Paul Marat was stabbed, by whom, while he was taking a bath?
  A.   Maximilien Robespierre
  B.   Lazare Carnot
  C.   Charlotte Corday
  D.   Georges Couthon

10. Which Paris landmark was the site for most executions?
  A.   Where the Eiffel Tower now stands
  B.   Place de la Concorde
  C.   Arc de Triomphe
  D.   Palace of Versailles®   

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