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Trivia Quiz - Richard Wright: African-American Author

What do you know about the life of writer Richard Wright?

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Date Submitted: October 15, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
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Quiz is about: Richard Wright

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Richard Wright African American Author
(Image Source: Richard Wright @ Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Van Vechten Collection)

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1. In his book "Native Son", who was the main character?
  A.   Gus Buckley
  B.   G. H. Dalton
  C.   Bigger Thomas
  D.   Jack Rawlson

2. Where was Richard Wright born?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Tennessee
  C.   Mississippi
  D.   Georgia

3. At the age of 15, Richard Wright wrote and had published what story?
  A.   The Voodoo Of Hell's Half Acre
  B.   Nothing But A Poor Black Child
  C.   Wasted Days And Hungry Nights
  D.   Never Enough Food

4. His first story was published in what local black newspaper?
  A.   The Black Register
  B.   The Southern Register
  C.   The Mississippi Register
  D.   The Jackson Register

5. Which of Richard Wright's novels described an African-American character's involvement with the Communist Party in New York?
  A.   The Long Dream
  B.   Eight Men
  C.   Black Power
  D.   The Outsider

6. What did Richard Wright join in 1933?
  A.   The Army
  B.   The NAACP
  C.   The Porters Union
  D.   The Communist Party

7. Which one of Richard Wright's books was the first by an African- American author to be selected for the Book Of The Month Club?
  A.   Native Son
  B.   Black Boy
  C.   The Outsider
  D.   Savage Holiday

8. In 1945, Richard Wright's semi-auto biographical book was published. What was the title?
  A.   Native Son
  B.   Black Boy
  C.   The Outsider
  D.   Savage Holiday

9. In the book "Native Son" how was the body of murder victim Mary Dalton disposed of?
  A.   thrown in the river
  B.   buried in the woods
  C.   burned in a furnance
  D.   burned in a car

10. Which of Richard Wright's books were published in 1977, 17 years after his death?
  A.   The Color Curtain
  B.   Pagan Spain
  C.   Eight Men
  D.   American Hunger®   

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