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Trivia Quiz - Taylor Swift: Country Singing Sensation

Taylor Swift has become a phenomenon in many areas of show business. What do you know about Taylor Swift trivia?

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Date Submitted: June 17, 2009
Quiz Categories: Country Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Country Singing Sensation
(Image Source: Taylor Swift Photo Credit to Minds Eye @ Flickr)

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1. In what state was Taylor Swift born?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Texas
  C.   Pennsylvania
  D.   Kentucky

2. Taylor Swift was inspired by this opera-singing family member:
  A.   Father
  B.   Second Cousin
  C.   Aunt
  D.   Grandmother

3. At what age did Taylor Swift start writing songs and playing a 12 string guitar?
  A.   12
  B.   14
  C.   15
  D.   18

4. The name of what famous country singer was the title of Taylor Swift's first single?
  A.   Garth Brooks
  B.   George Strait
  C.   Tim McGraw
  D.   Gene Autry

5. Who was the headlining act of Taylor Swift's first national tour?
  A.   The Dixie Chicks
  B.   Alan Jackson
  C.   Reba McEntire
  D.   George Strait

6. At the 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards, Taylor Swift was drenched with water while singing this song:
  A.   "Our Song"
  B.   "Should've Said No"
  C.   "Teardrops on my Guitar"
  D.   "Changes"

7. In 2009 Taylor made her TV prime time acting debut in this drama:
  A.   "The Unit"
  B.   "Brothers and Sisters"
  C.   "CSI"
  D.   "ER"

8. The video for this song has Taylor Swift playing Juliet:
  A.   "Forever and Always"
  B.   "White Horse"
  C.   "Love Story"
  D.   "Fearless"

9. Taylor Swift co-wrote a song with her best gal pal and played in the video. They went on tour together in 2009. Who is this singer?
  A.   LeAnn Rimes
  B.   Trisha Yearwood
  C.   Carrie Underwood
  D.   Kellie Pickler

10. According to Taylor Swift's My Space page, this is "one of the coolest celebrities:"
  A.   Ellen DeGeneres
  B.   Martha Stewart
  C.   Trace Adkins
  D.   Nicole Kidman®   

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