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Trivia Quiz - Keeping Up Appearances - A Very Funny British Sitcom!

What do you know about the UK comedy, Keeping Up Appearances?

Quiz Number: 3063
Date Submitted: January 07, 2009
Quiz Categories: British Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
Average Score: 86.5 percent
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Keeping Up Appearances  A Very Funny British Sitcom
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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1. What is the last name of Hyacinth and Richard?
  A.   Cornwell
  B.   Biscuit
  C.   Bucket
  D.   Stelfox

2. Where do Hyacinth and Richard live?
  A.   on Blossom Avenue
  B.   on Spring Street
  C.   on Redbud Lane
  D.   on Dogwood Drive

3. What is the name of Hyacinth and Richard's son?
  A.   Meredith
  B.   Benjamin
  C.   Sheridan
  D.   Evan

4. What is Daisy's husband's name?
  A.   Otto
  B.   Olaf
  C.   Oliver
  D.   Onslow

5. Which of Hyacinth's sisters has a Mercedes, swimming pool and room for a pony?
  A.   Rose
  B.   Violet
  C.   Daisy
  D.   Pansy

6. What does Hyacinth make people do before they enter her house?
  A.   ring the doorbell
  B.   knock
  C.   wipe their feet
  D.   take their shoes off

7. What is the name of Hyacinth's nice neighbor?
  A.   Judith
  B.   Elizabeth
  C.   Diana
  D.   Rebecca

8. Why does Emmet Hawksworth hate to visit Hyacinth?
  A.   she always kisses him
  B.   she sings at him
  C.   she makes him eat stale crumpets
  D.   she badmouths his sister

9. What is one reason that Hyacinth doesn't have her father staying at her house?
  A.   he drinks
  B.   he's too messy
  C.   he spends too much time in the bathroom
  D.   he stays up all night and sleeps all day

10. When Hyacinth gets a wrong number on her white, slim-line telephone, who is the party usually calling for?
  A.   the movie theater
  B.   the funeral home
  C.   the chinese restaurant
  D.   the home for unwed mothers®   

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