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Trivia Quiz - Harry Truman: 33rd U.S. President

A coverage of some of the notable events in a remarkable life of Harry Truman, a great American President.

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Date Submitted: January 02, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, Korean War
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Harry S Truman

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Harry Truman 33rd U.S. President
(Image Source: Harry S Truman @ Wikipedia)

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1. Harry Truman's birthdate was:
  A.   January 30, 1882
  B.   May 8, 1884
  C.   February 11, 1912
  D.   October 25, 1879

2. What was Harry Truman's home state?
  A.   Kansas
  B.   Iowa
  C.   Idaho
  D.   Missouri

3. Who was Truman's high school friend who later became his press secretary?
  A.   Tom Pendergast
  B.   Harry Solomon
  C.   Charlie Ross
  D.   Strom Thurmond

4. Who was Truman's wife?
  A.   Bess Wallace
  B.   Marge Gates
  C.   Elizabeth Wallings
  D.   Betty Solomon

5. How many children did the Trumans have?
  A.   one
  B.   two
  C.   three
  D.   four

6. Who was the newspaper critic who lambasted Margaret Truman's singing who Harry Truman threatened to give a black eye?
  A.   Paul Hume
  B.   Desmond Morris
  C.   Alistair Cooke
  D.   Tom Croker

7. How many Electoral College votes did Truman receive in the 1948 election?
  A.   523
  B.   401
  C.   279
  D.   303

8. Which newspaper famously published the incorrect headline "Dewey Defeats Truman"?
  A.   The Washington Post
  B.   The Chicago Daily Tribune
  C.   The New York Times
  D.   The Baltimore Herald

9. Which U.S. General did Truman dismiss for insubordination?
  A.   Bradley
  B.   Ridgeway
  C.   MacArthur
  D.   Patton

10. About whom did Truman write, "He is the great one of the age. I am sure lucky to have his friendship and support"?
  A.   Averell Harriman
  B.   George Kennan
  C.   Dean Acheson
  D.   George Marshall®   

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