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Trivia Quiz - Newhart - A Wacky Sitcom!

How much do you know about "Newhart," the wacky sitcom starring Bob Newhart?

Quiz Number: 2963
Date Submitted: December 18, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: krystal
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Newhart  A Wacky Sitcom
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1. In "Newhart," Bob Newhart plays plays Dick Loudon, who lives in Vermont with his wife, Joanna. Dick is an author of what type of books?
  A.   comic books
  B.   children's books
  C.   mystery novels
  D.   do-it-yourself books

2. What is the name of the historic inn that Dick and Joanna operate?
  A.   Stratford Inn
  B.   Waybury Inn
  C.   Brookwood Inn
  D.   Aurora Inn

3. What is the name of the inn's somewhat dim handyman?
  A.   Garrett
  B.   George
  C.   Griffith
  D.   Gordon

4. What actress played Stephanie Vanderkellen, the Loudon's maid?
  A.   Jan Hooks
  B.   Jennifer Holmes
  C.   Julia Duffy
  D.   Annie Potts

5. BONUS QUESTION! What does the dry erase board in Michael's apartment always read?

6. Who are Larry's brothers?
  A.   Darren and Darren
  B.   Darryl and Darryl
  C.   Danny and Danny
  D.   Darnell and Darnell

7. Kirk Devane, is a chronic liar who holds an infatuation for Leslie. What is the name of the cafe that he owns?
  A.   The Full Monty Cafe
  B.   Green Mountain Cafe
  C.   Minuteman Cafe
  D.   Ruby's Cafe

8. In the last episode of "Newhart," Dick gets hit on the head and blacks out. What hits him on the head?
  A.   a wayward golf ball
  B.   a broken tree limb, in a wind storm
  C.   a wayward baseball
  D.   a gutter fell from the inn

9. In the last episode of "Newhart," Dick wakes up to find himself sleeping with whom?
  A.   Stephanie Vanderkellen
  B.   Leslie Vanderkellen
  C.   his wife, Joanna Loudon
  D.   Emily, Dr. Robert Hartley's wife from "The Bob Newhart Show"

10. The idea for the "Newhart" finale was the brainchild of whom?
  A.   Bob Newhart
  B.   Bob Newhart's wife, Virginia
  C.   "Newhart" director, Dick Martin
  D.   Mary Frann®   

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