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Trivia Quiz - Andy Williams: Mr. Christmas

A favorite Christmas memory of mine is watching the Andy Williams Christmas Special with my Mom. What do you know about this fabulous singer? Great Andy Williams trivia!

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Date Submitted: December 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Quiz is about: Andy Williams

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Andy Williams Mr. Christmas
(Image Source: Andy Williams @ All Posters)

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1. In what state was Andy Williams born?
  A.   Missouri
  B.   California
  C.   Idaho
  D.   Iowa

2. Andy Williams started his career as part of The Williams Brothers. How many members were in this group?
  A.   3
  B.   4
  C.   5
  D.   6

3. Andy Williams started his solo career in 1952. On what 1950's TV show was he a regular?
  A.   "Show of Shows"
  B.   "The Red Skelton Show"
  C.   "Tonight Show"
  D.   "Toast of the Town"

4. Andy Williams had a weekly variety show from 1962-1971. How many Emmy Awards for Outstanding Variety Program did it win?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   3
  D.   5

5. This singing group got its big break on "The Andy Williams Show:"
  A.   The BeeGees
  B.   The Dave Clark Five
  C.   The Jackson Five
  D.   Osmond Brothers

6. What is the name of Andy Williams' theater in Branson, Missouri?
  A.   Moon River Theater
  B.   Wine and Roses Theater
  C.   Williams Manor
  D.   Big Cedar Lodge

7. Andy had a company called Barnaby Records. What music icon released his first album on the Barnaby Records label?
  A.   Barry Manilow
  B.   Billy Joel
  C.   Elton John
  D.   Jimmy Buffett

8. What famous politician was a very close friend of Andy Williams?
  A.   Walter Mondale
  B.   Robert F. Kennedy
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Lyndon Johnson

9. What was Andy Williams' only #1 hit on the Billboard chart?
  A.   "Hawaiian Wedding Song"
  B.   "Moon River"
  C.   "Days of Wine and Roses"
  D.   "Butterfly"

10. What U.S. President called Andy Williams' voice "a national treasure"?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   Bill Clinton
  D.   George H W Bush®   

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