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Trivia Quiz - Jesus Christ: According to The Bible

Do you know some of the basics about Jesus Christ?

Quiz Number: 2918
Date Submitted: November 25, 2008
Quiz Categories: Christianity
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 60.6 percent
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Quiz is about: Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ According to The Bible
(Image Source: Christus Ravenna Mosaic)

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1. In what Judean city was Jesus born?
  A.   Bethlehem
  B.   Nazareth
  C.   Samaria
  D.   Jerusalem

2. In what Gospel is there no mention of Jesus' baptism?
  A.   Matthew
  B.   Mark
  C.   Luke
  D.   John

3. What is the only Gospel that tells the story of Jesus found teaching in the temple by his parents after being lost?
  A.   Matthew
  B.   Mark
  C.   Luke
  D.   John

4. Jesus' childhood home is identified as the town of:
  A.   Bethlehem
  B.   Nazareth
  C.   Samaria
  D.   Jerusalem

5. Whose mother asked Jesus to grant her sons places at his right and left?
  A.   Peter and Andrew
  B.   Philip and Bartholomew
  C.   Nathaniel and Nicodemus
  D.   James and John

6. On what occasion of his ministry did Jesus teach his disciples and other followers The Lord's Prayer?
  A.   The Last Supper
  B.   The Sermon on the Plain
  C.   The Sermon on the Mount
  D.   The Wedding at Cana

7. Which Gospel account tells of Jesus spending most of his ministry in and around Jerusalem?
  A.   Matthew
  B.   Mark
  C.   Luke
  D.   John

8. According to all four Gospels, Jesus was crucified at a place called Calvary. By what other name was Calvary known?
  A.   Chorazin
  B.   Gabbatha
  C.   Galatia
  D.   Golgotha

9. A wealthy man named Joseph, a member of the Sanhedrin according to Mark and Luke, received Pilate's permission to take possession of Jesus' body, placing it in a tomb. From what town was Joseph?
  A.   Arimathea
  B.   Capernaum
  C.   Patara
  D.   Hauran

10. Who was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection?
  A.   Mary Magdelene
  B.   Peter
  C.   Mary, Mother of Jesus
  D.   John®   

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