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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island Characters: Gilligan

How much do you know about Gilligan, the mighty sailin' man from Gilligan's Island?

Quiz Number: 2912
Date Submitted: November 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
Average Score: 63.5 percent
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Gilligans Island Characters Gilligan
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1. What actor played the part of Gilligan?
  A.   Russell Johnson
  B.   Jim Backus
  C.   Alan Hale Jr.
  D.   Bob Denver

2. What was Gilligan's typical wardrobe?
  A.   red shirt, pale blue trousers and a white navy cap
  B.   purple shirt, pale trousers and a white navy cap
  C.   blue shirt, red trousers and a white navy cap
  D.   green shirt, pale blue trousers and a white navy cap

3. In episode #41, Gilligan discovers that he has the winning ticket in a sweepstakes. Which lottery is the ticket for?
  A.   New Zealand
  B.   Australia
  C.   South America
  D.   Hawaii

4. What was the name of the tour boat on which Gilligan was employed?
  A.   SS Patna
  B.   SS Shark
  C.   SS Minnow
  D.   SS Maggie

5. In episode #71, Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds. Once they are grown, what vegetable is Gilligan's favorite?
  A.   carrots
  B.   spinach
  C.   sugar beets
  D.   asparagus

6. In episode #89. Gilligan's stone bowling ball becomes stuck to his hand. How does this happen?
  A.   Gilligan gets struck by lightning
  B.   he forgets he has glue on his hand before bowling
  C.   his hand gets swollen from bowling too much
  D.   The Skipper, playing a practical joke, puts glue in the holes of the bowling ball

7. Gilligan and the Skipper worked together before they ran the tour boat. Through what work experience were they previously acquanited?
  A.   lobster boat
  B.   fishing boat
  C.   the Marines
  D.   the Navy

8. What was the Skipper's favorite nickname for Gilligan?
  A.   my main man
  B.   little buddy
  C.   number two
  D.   Gilly

9. In episode #94, Gilligan saves a beautiful native girl, who then vows to be his slave forever. From what does Gilligan save her?
  A.   a pit she had fallen into
  B.   drowning
  C.   being bitten by a snake
  D.   she was lost in a cave

10. What was Gilligan's first name?
  A.   Willy
  B.   Horatio
  C.   Sandy
  D.   Amyas®   

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