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Trivia Quiz - Cop & Detective Shows of the 1960s

How much do you know about the cop and detective shows that were on television during the 1960s? Some of these questions are easy; others are pretty difficult.

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Date Submitted: April 18, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Cop  Detective Shows of the 1960s
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1. In "Adam 12", how did Officer Jim Reed come to be partnered with Officer Pete Malloy?
  A.   His previous partner had retired.
  B.   His previous partner took a job as head of security for a large corporation.
  C.   His previous partner had been killed trying to stop an armed robbery.
  D.   LAPD initiated a new policy calling for two officers per car.

2. "Ironside" became the first of the many "gimmick" cop shows, so-called because of some unusual characteristic of the lead character. What was Ironside's "gimmick"?
  A.   He was wheelchair bound.
  B.   He was missing one of his arms.
  C.   He was blind.
  D.   He was deaf.

3. What popular radio personality of the 1950s had a recurring role as the governor of Hawaii in "Hawaii Five-O"?
  A.   Parly Baer
  B.   John Dehner
  C.   Bill Baldwin
  D.   Richard Denning

4. Jack Warden, Robert Hooks, and Frank Converse played New York detectives in what ABC crime drama from 1967 to 1969?
  A.   The Detectives
  B.   New York Detective Bureau
  C.   N.Y.P.D.
  D.   Hard Streets

5. "One white, one black, one blonde" was the tag line for what youth-oriented cop show that premiered in 1968 on ABC?
  A.   The Mod Squad
  B.   Felony Squad
  C.   Cool Hip Cops
  D.   The Fuzz

6. Which TV detective drove a customized Oldsmobile Toronado convertible during the first season of his show?
  A.   Thad Brown
  B.   Peter Gunn
  C.   Joe Mannix
  D.   Elliott Ness

7. What show, which premiered on ABC in 1965, was the longest running of any of the shows produced by Quinn Martin productions?
  A.   Felony Crime
  B.   The Untouchables
  C.   The F.B.I.
  D.   The Agency

8. Anthony George and Doug McClure starred as private detectives Don Corey and Jed Sills in what 1960-62 series?
  A.   Endgame
  B.   Jigsaw
  C.   Checkmate
  D.   Puzzle

9. What 1963 ABC show starring Ben Gazarra and Chuck Connors established the format now being used by "Law and Order"?
  A.   Apprehension and Trial
  B.   Arrest and Trial
  C.   Capture and Conviction
  D.   Crime and Punishment

10. The theme song for this 1961-63 NBC police show of the early 1960s was at least as popular as the show itself. What was the show?
  A.   Car 54, Where Are You?
  B.   Dragnet
  C.   Peter Gunn
  D.   The Mod Squad®   

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