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Trivia Quiz - J.D. Souther: American Songwriter

I really admire this guy's talent - hope you enjoy the quiz!

Quiz Number: 2256
Date Submitted: March 16, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: phonerec
Average Score: 68.3 percent
Times Taken: 317 times
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Quiz is about: J.D. Souther

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J.D. Souther American Songwriter
(Image Source: J.D. Souther @ IMDB)

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1. Where was J.D. born?
  A.   Michigan
  B.   California
  C.   Florida
  D.   Arizona

2. For which country rock group did Souther frequently write songs?
  A.   Charlie Daniels Band
  B.   Allman Brothers
  C.   Marshall Tucker Band
  D.   The Eagles

3. With whom did Souther share an apartment in L.A.?
  A.   Dan Fogleberg
  B.   Glenn Frey
  C.   Jackson Browne
  D.   Harry Chapin

4. Who was a big influence on J.D.?
  A.   Roy Orbison
  B.   Elvis
  C.   Buddy Holly
  D.   Charlie Daniels

5. On what television series did he appear?
  A.   Hill Street Blues
  B.   St. Elsewhere
  C.   Thirtysomething
  D.   Sonny and Cher

6. Who lived in the downstairs apartment from Souther?
  A.   Glenn Frey
  B.   Michael McDonald
  C.   Don Henley
  D.   Jackson Browne

7. On the back of what album did he appear as a dead outlaw?
  A.   Takin' it to the Streets
  B.   Black Rose
  C.   Desperado
  D.   Home By Dawn

8. What was his biggest hit as a solo artist?
  A.   Your Only Lonely
  B.   Only the Lonely
  C.   New Kid in Town
  D.   Run Like a Thief

9. In 1969, Souther married for the first time. What was his wife's first name?
  A.   Alex
  B.   Alicia
  C.   Adrian
  D.   Amber

10. What does J.D. stand for?
  A.   James David
  B.   John David
  C.   John Daniel
  D.   James Daniel®   

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