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Trivia Quiz - Lost: First Season Characters

What do you know about the survivors on the TV series "Lost?" Name the character that fits each description.

Quiz Number: 2122
Date Submitted: February 09, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Lost First Season Characters
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1. He was in a wheelchair when he started the flight, but could walk after the crash:
  A.   Walt
  B.   Vincent
  C.   Artz
  D.   Locke

2. This character was being escorted in handcuffs back to California:
  A.   Sawyer
  B.   Kate
  C.   Sun
  D.   Boone

3. This character is a drug addict and former rock star:
  A.   Sun
  B.   Michael
  C.   Hurley
  D.   Charlie

4. What character worked as an enforcer for his father-in-law?
  A.   Jin
  B.   Jack
  C.   Locke
  D.   Sawyer

5. Who was a former army interrogator?
  A.   Sayid
  B.   Walt
  C.   Charlie
  D.   Ethan

6. This character is a renowned surgeon:
  A.   Kate
  B.   Shannon
  C.   Jack
  D.   Sun

7. Who was the con artist?
  A.   Sayid
  B.   Claire
  C.   Sawyer
  D.   Jin

8. This character had won the lottery prior to the flight:
  A.   Boone
  B.   Hurley
  C.   Jack
  D.   Vincent

9. This character was pregnant and gave birth during Season 1:
  A.   Shannon
  B.   Kate
  C.   Danielle
  D.   Claire

10. One of "The Others:"
  A.   Locke
  B.   Boone
  C.   Hurley
  D.   Ethan®   

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