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Trivia Quiz - Super Bowl Champions of Old

Pick the quarterback that led his team to greatness by winning the Super Bowl that year.

Quiz Number: 2078
Date Submitted: January 28, 2007
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dave
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Super Bowl Champions of Old
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1. Who won in 1967, Green Bay Packers versus the Kansas City Chiefs.
  A.   Johnny Unitas
  B.   Len Dawson
  C.   Bart Starr
  D.   Daryle Lamonica

2. 1971, Baltimore Colts versus the Dallas Cowboys
  A.   Johnny Unitas
  B.   Craig Morton
  C.   Joe Kapp
  D.   Bob Griese

3. 1974, Miami Dolphins versus the Minnesota Vikings
  A.   Roger Staubach
  B.   Bob Griese
  C.   Billy Kilmer
  D.   Fran Tarkenton

4. In 1976 Superbowl which fetured the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Dallas Cowboys, which quarterback came out on top?
  A.   Fran Tarkenton
  B.   Roger Staubach
  C.   Terry Bradshaw
  D.   Ken Stabler

5. In the 1977 Superbowl (Oakland Raiders versus the Minnesota Vikings) who was the winning quarterback?
  A.   Fran Tarkenton
  B.   Craig Morton
  C.   Terry Bradshaw
  D.   Ken Stabler

6. The Pittsburgh Steelers played the Dallas Cowboys in the 1979 Superbowl. Who was the winning quarterback?
  A.   Terry Bradshaw
  B.   Vince Ferragamo
  C.   Roger Staubach
  D.   Jim Plunkett

7. The Superbowl 1981 featured the Oakland Raiders versus the Philadelphia Eaglesand saw what quarterback come out on top?
  A.   Ron Jawarski
  B.   Jim Plunkett
  C.   Joe Montana
  D.   Ken Anderson

8. In the 1983 superbowl between the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins, which quarterbacks team prevailed?
  A.   David Woodley
  B.   Joe Montana
  C.   Jim Plunkett
  D.   Joe Theisman

9. The 1985 Superbowl which pitted the San Francisco 49ers against the Miami Dolphins, the quarterback of the winnign team was who?
  A.   Joe Theisman
  B.   Dan Marino
  C.   Jim McMahon
  D.   Joe Montana

10. 1987, The New York Giants played the Denver Broncos in the 1987 Superbowl and saw which quarterbacks team win?
  A.   John Elway
  B.   Phil Simms
  C.   Tony Eason
  D.   Jeff Hostetler®   

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