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Trivia Quiz - New England Patriots Team History: 1986-2008

What do you know about the 20-year history of the Patriots from 1986 to 2007? Great New England Patriots trivia here!

Quiz Number: 2074
Date Submitted: January 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: AFC East
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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New England Patriots Team History 1986 2008
(Image Source: New England Patriots)

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1. In what stadium did the New England Patriots play from 1971 to 2001?
  A.   Foxboro Stadium
  B.   Gillette Stadium
  C.   Harvard Stadium
  D.   Alumni Stadium

2. In 1988, the Sullivan family sold the Patriots to whom?
  A.   Robert Kraft
  B.   James Orthwein
  C.   Victor Kiam
  D.   Bill Belichick

3. In what year did the Patriots introduce a new logo and change their team colors from red and white to blue and silver?
  A.   1989
  B.   1990
  C.   1992
  D.   1993

4. The Patriots played in Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 and lost to the Green Bay Packers by what score?
  A.   31-21
  B.   35-21
  C.   35-24
  D.   39-24

5. Who scored the Patriots only rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XXXI in 1997 against the Packers?
  A.   Curtis Martin
  B.   Keith Byars
  C.   Drew Bledsoe
  D.   Terry Glenn

6. What Patriot had a 47-yard interception return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001 against the St. Louis Rams?
  A.   Otis Smith
  B.   Ty Law
  C.   Lawyer Milloy
  D.   Tebucky Jones

7. Who scored the Patriots only rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2004 against the Panthers?
  A.   Troy Brown
  B.   Tom Brady
  C.   Larry Centers
  D.   Antowain Smith

8. Who scored the Patriots only rushing touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005 against the Eagles?
  A.   Corey Dillon
  B.   Patrick Pass
  C.   Tom Brady
  D.   Deion Branch

9. What Patriot was selected as the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005 against the Philadelphia Eagles?
  A.   Tom Brady
  B.   Deion Branch
  C.   Corey Dillon
  D.   David Givens

10. Who did the Patriots defeat in the 2008 AFC Championship game to secure a 18-0 record and a spot in Super Bowl XLII?
  A.   San Diego Chargers
  B.   Indianapolis Colts
  C.   Jacksonville Jaguars
  D.   Pittsburgh Steelers®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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