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Trivia Quiz - Billy Bob Thornton: Multi-Dimensional Entertainer

Questions about the Academy Award-winning screenwriter, actor, director, playwright and singer.

Quiz Number: 2017
Date Submitted: January 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Singers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
Average Score: 48.8 percent
Times Taken: 74 times
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Quiz is about: Billy Bob Thornton

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Billy Bob Thornton Multi Dimensional Entertainer
(Image Source: NNDB)

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1. Where was Billy Bob Thornton born?
  A.   Columbus, GA
  B.   Nashville, TN
  C.   Hot Springs, Arkansas
  D.   Raleigh, North Carolina

2. What instrument did Billy Bob play early in his career for the band, Jack Hammer?
  A.   Piano
  B.   Drums
  C.   Guitar
  D.   Trumpet

3. What actor starred with Billy Bob in the CBS sitcom "Hearts Afire?"
  A.   Harry Anderson
  B.   John Larroquette
  C.   John Ritter
  D.   Ed O'Neill

4. What character did Billy Bob play in the film "Tombstone?"
  A.   Johnny Tyler
  B.   Curly Bill Brocius
  C.   Johnny Ringo
  D.   Morgan Earp

5. What film, released in 1996, did Billy Bob write, direct, and star in?
  A.   Primary Colors
  B.   On Deadly Ground
  C.   One False Move
  D.   Sling Blade

6. In the film, "Armageddon," what was Billy Bob's character's name?
  A.   Dan Truman
  B.   Charles Chapple
  C.   Max Lennert
  D.   Col. William Sharp

7. What is the name of Billy Bob's character in the film "Monster Ball?"
  A.   Hank Grotowski
  B.   Sonny Grotowski
  C.   Buck Grotowski
  D.   Lawrence Musgrove

8. What character does Billy Bob play in 2004's "The Alamo?"
  A.   Jim Bowie
  B.   Sam Houston
  C.   William B. Travis
  D.   Davy Crockett

9. What disorder has Billy Bob repeatedly stated that he has?
  A.   panic disorder
  B.   posttraumatic stress disorder
  C.   Tourette's disorder
  D.   obsessive-compulsive disorder

10. Billy Bob and ex-wife Angelina Jolie both wore lockets containing what?
  A.   pictures
  B.   hair
  C.   blood
  D.   fingernail clippings®   

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