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Trivia Quiz - Australian Actors

Some of our most talented actresses and actors come from the continent of Australia. When given a movie title, can you pick out the Aussie who was in the movie?

Quiz Number: 1647
Date Submitted: May 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 77 percent
Times Taken: 141 times
Taken by Registered Users: 27

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Australian Actors
(Image Source: Australian Actors)

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1. "The Hours"
  A.   Abbie Cornish
  B.   Toni Collette
  C.   Nicole Kidman
  D.   Naomi Watts

2. "Gladiator"
  A.   Russell Crowe
  B.   Geoffrey Rush
  C.   Hugh Jackman
  D.   Hugo Weaving

3. "The Aviator"
  A.   Rachel Griffith
  B.   Isla Fisher
  C.   Nicole Kidman
  D.   Cate Blanchett

4. "X Men"
  A.   Eric Bana
  B.   Heath Ledger
  C.   Keith Urban
  D.   Hugh Jackman

5. "King Kong"
  A.   Kylie Minogue
  B.   Jacuda Barrett
  C.   Naomi Watts
  D.   Toni Collette

6. "Brokeback Mountain"
  A.   Heath Ledger
  B.   Hugo Weaving
  C.   Hugh Jackman
  D.   Russell Crowe

7. "Little Miss Sunshine"
  A.   Rachel Griffiths
  B.   Toni Collette
  C.   Abbie Cornish
  D.   Naomi Watts

8. "The Hulk"
  A.   Geoffrey Rush
  B.   Guy Pearce
  C.   Hugo Weaving
  D.   Eric Bana

9. "Shine"
  A.   Geoffrey Rush
  B.   Heath Ledger
  C.   Cate Blanchett
  D.   Nicole Kidman

10. "L.A. Confidential"
  A.   Abbie Cornish
  B.   Guy Pearce
  C.   Hugh Jackman
  D.   Eric Bana®   

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