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Trivia Quiz - The Waltons: Rural Virginia Family Part 2

General knowledge about "The Waltons" TV show. -ravioli

Quiz Number: 1610
Date Submitted: September 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
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The Waltons Rural Virginia Family Part 2
(Image Source: The Waltons)

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1. What were the first names of the grandparents on The Waltons?
  A.   Esther and Zeb
  B.   Zeb and Mame
  C.   Ellen and Will
  D.   John and Esther

2. Which of the following was not a Walton sister?
  A.   Erin
  B.   Maryellen
  C.   Aimee
  D.   Elizabeth

3. What was the name of the man who owned the general store?
  A.   Yancy Tucker
  B.   Ike Godsey
  C.   J.D. Pickett
  D.   Ashley Longworth

4. Who were the sisters that made the recipe?
  A.   Corabeth and Olivia
  B.   Maryellen and Erin
  C.   Aimee and Corabeth
  D.   Ms. Mame and Ms. Emily Baldwin

5. What was the name of the mule that John Boy rode?
  A.   Blue
  B.   Lightning
  C.   Emmett
  D.   Yella

6. In what mountain range did the Walton's live?
  A.   Catskills
  B.   Rocky
  C.   Blue Ridge
  D.   White

7. What kind of family business did the Walton family own?
  A.   coal
  B.   steel
  C.   general store
  D.   lumber

8. John Ritter played a reverend whose last name was:
  A.   Stanwick
  B.   Southwick
  C.   Fordwick
  D.   Candlewick

9. What was the name of the family's dog?
  A.   Lightning
  B.   Reckless
  C.   Spot
  D.   Comet

10. Jason Walton played piano and guitar with what band?
  A.   Red Adair and the Barnyard Boys
  B.   Ike and the Inkspots
  C.   Bobby Bigelow and the Haystack Gang
  D.   Yancy Tucker and the Hen house Gang®   

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