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Trivia Quiz - Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses

Not all of these people and horses are fictional characters.

Quiz Number: 1388
Date Submitted: June 29, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: wrangler
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Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses
(Image Source: Dan Blocker as Hoss Cartwright)

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1. Captain Miles Keogh died with Custer but his horse survived. What was this brave horse's name?
  A.   Domino
  B.   Gambler
  C.   Chocise
  D.   Comanche

2. Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain rode which horse?
  A.   Razor
  B.   Blue Boy
  C.   Domino
  D.   Fargo

3. Gail Davis as Annie Oakley rode which horse?
  A.   Tornado
  B.   Teddy
  C.   Target
  D.   Diablo

4. Robert E. Lee rode which horse?
  A.   Traveler
  B.   White Flash
  C.   Sunset
  D.   Rafter

5. Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon rode which horse?
  A.   Rex
  B.   Smokey
  C.   Starlight
  D.   Rebel

6. Bruce Campbell as Brisco County, Jr rode which horse?
  A.   Comet
  B.   Cactus
  C.   Tarzan
  D.   Outlaw

7. Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok rode Buckshot, and his sidekick Jingles rode which horse?
  A.   Loco
  B.   Outlaw
  C.   Joker
  D.   Smokey

8. Elizabeth Taylor as National Velvet rode which horse?
  A.   Pie
  B.   Smokey
  C.   Cactus
  D.   Dusty

9. Robert Fuller as Jess Harper(Laramie) rode which horse?
  A.   Sunset
  B.   Hoagie
  C.   Traveler
  D.   Cactus

10. Lucy Lawless as Zena, Warrior Princess rode which horse?
  A.   Iolas
  B.   Hercules
  C.   Bear
  D.   Argo®   

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