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Trivia Quiz - Presidential First Ladies #3

We love and cherish our first ladies. How well do you really know them? Bill

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Presidential First Ladies 3
(Image Source: Nancy Reagan)

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1. What first lady called the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope "Road" movies her "favorite movies?"
  A.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  B.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  C.   Mamie Eisenhower
  D.   Bess Truman

2. A record number of first ladies, either former or future, attended John Kennedy's inauguration in 1961. How many first ladies attended, including Mrs. Kennedy?
  A.   6
  B.   7
  C.   8
  D.   9

3. Which first lady conducted china-painting classes at the White House?
  A.   Lucy Hayes
  B.   Ida McKinley
  C.   Caroline Harrison
  D.   Jacqueline Kennedy

4. What former first lady lost her two front teeth in a 1946 automobile accident?
  A.   Edith Roosevelt
  B.   Grace Coolidge
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Edith Wilson

5. In 1911, which former first lady was comatose for nine days after being thrown from a horse?
  A.   Helen Taft
  B.   Frances Cleveland
  C.   Lucretia Garfield
  D.   Edith Roosevelt

6. At the 1961 Inauguration of John Kennedy, what former first lady refused to sit near the president's father, Joseph Kennedy?
  A.   Edith Wilson
  B.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  C.   Mamie Eisenhower
  D.   Bess Truman

7. What first lady (or former first lady) suffered a broken leg in a 1991 sledding accident at Camp David?
  A.   Nancy Reagan
  B.   Betty Ford
  C.   Barbara Bush
  D.   Rosalynn Carter

8. What was the last motion picture in which Nancy Reagan appeared?
  A.   Crash Landing
  B.   Hellcats of the Navy
  C.   Donovan's Brain
  D.   Shadow in the Sky

9. At her husband's successor's inauguration, what first lady told a White House official to take good care of the mansion because "they would be returning four years from today"
  A.   Mary Todd Lincoln
  B.   Anna Harrison
  C.   Frances Cleveland
  D.   Eleanor Roosevelt

10. Which former first lady was committed by her son to a three-month stay at a mental institution in Batavia, Illinois?
  A.   Mary Todd Lincoln
  B.   Ida McKinley
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Abagail Adams®   

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