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Trivia Quiz - The Adventures of Marco Polo

Marco Polo was one of the first great world travelers. See how much you know about him.Dave

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The Adventures of Marco Polo
(Image Source: Marco Polo Public Domain Photo)

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1. What country was Marco Polo from?
  A.   France
  B.   Italy
  C.   Spain
  D.   Greece

2. When he returned to Europe, where did Marco claim he spent years in the service of the Royal Court?
  A.   Siam
  B.   India
  C.   Persia
  D.   China

3. How many years did Marco's Asian travels last?
  A.   9
  B.   12
  C.   16
  D.   24

4. With whom did Marco embark on his journey?
  A.   his wife and son
  B.   his father and uncle
  C.   two close friends
  D.   his father and brother

5. Kublai Kahn requested that Pope Clement IV send how many learned men to teach his people about Christianity and western science?
  A.   10
  B.   50
  C.   100
  D.   500

6. From which coast did the Polo family originate?
  A.   Amalfi
  B.   Tyrrhenian
  C.   Dalmatia
  D.   Maratea

7. According to Polo, what becomes of a person who happens to encounter the funeral procession of a great khan?
  A.   They are put to death to serve their lord in the next life
  B.   They are allowed to dine with the new khan after the funeral
  C.   They are held in high esteem and provided with a room at the palace
  D.   Their eyes are gouged out

8. Kubla Khan, great ruler of China during Marco's stay, was born and raised where?
  A.   Present-day Nepal
  B.   Present-day Tibet
  C.   Present-day Mongolia
  D.   Present-day Burma

9. What English poet wrote the famous poem about Kublai Khan's palace, the "stately pleasure-dome" in Xanadu?
  A.   Tobias Smollett
  B.   Thomas Gray
  C.   Horace Walpole
  D.   Samuel Taylor Coleridge

10. In 1277, Kublai Khan appointed Marco Polo as an official of what council?
  A.   Emperor's Council
  B.   Privy Council
  C.   Majesty's Council
  D.   Lop-Nor Council®   

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