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Trivia Quiz - Presidential First Ladies #2

More on our beloved first ladies - good luck! Bill

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Presidential First Ladies 2
(Image Source: Barbara Bush)

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1. This first lady was the first to serve as her husband's official secretary while in the White House.
  A.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  B.   Sarah Childress Polk
  C.   Julia Grant
  D.   Ida McKinley

2. What first lady suffered from tuberculosis much of her adult life?
  A.   Mary Todd Lincoln
  B.   Hannah Van Buren
  C.   Abagail FIllmore
  D.   Jane Pierce

3. Which first lady was the first to conduct a televised tour of the White House?
  A.   Mamie Eisenhower
  B.   Bess Truman
  C.   Lady Bird Johnson
  D.   Jacqueline Kennedy

4. Who was the first wife of a president to attend her husband's inauguration?
  A.   Dolley Madison
  B.   Martha Washington
  C.   Abagail Adams
  D.   Martha Jefferson

5. Which first lady's wedding ring was purchased at Sears and Roebuck for $2.50?
  A.   Edith Roosevelt
  B.   Anna Harrison
  C.   Lou Hoover
  D.   Lady Bird Johnson

6. Who was the first widowed former first lady to remarry?
  A.   Frances Cleveland
  B.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  C.   Anna Harrison
  D.   Ida McKinley

7. Which first lady had been a model at the Powers Modeling Agency in New York?
  A.   Jacqueline Kennedy
  B.   Pat Nixon
  C.   Nancy Reagan
  D.   Betty Ford

8. Which first lady was given the nickname "the Steel Magnolia?"
  A.   Mamie Eisenhower
  B.   Bess Truman
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Rosalynn Carter

9. There are no known portraits of two of our first ladies. One is Martha Jefferson, who is the other?
  A.   Jane Pierce
  B.   Hannah Van Buren
  C.   Anna Harrison
  D.   Margaret Taylor

10. Which first lady referred to the White House as "the Great White Jail?"
  A.   Frances Cleveland
  B.   Grace Coolidge
  C.   Bess Truman
  D.   Mary Todd Lincoln®   

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