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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek, The Next Generation: Characters: Lt. Data

Questions about Data, the Enterprise's beloved android!! I love Data from "Star Trek!" -written by tazzytina

Quiz Number: 1181
Date Submitted: May 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: tazzytina
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Star Trek The Next Generation Characters Lt. Data
(Image Source: Lt. Data @ Wikipedia)

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1. Who is the actor that portrays Lieutenant Commander Data?
  A.   Jonathan Frakes
  B.   Brent Spiner
  C.   Patrick Stewart
  D.   William Shatner

2. Captain Bruce Maddox of Starfleet command wants to disassemble Data to produce more androids. Who defends Data to keep this from happening?
  A.   Commander Riker
  B.   Commander La Forge
  C.   Captain Picard
  D.   Dr. Crusher

3. Who holds Data captive for his "collection?"
  A.   Kivas Fajo
  B.   Lore
  C.   Crystalline Entity
  D.   The Borg

4. Which member of the crew does Data have sexual relations with, and later keeps a holographic photo of her in his belongings?
  A.   Guianan
  B.   Lt Commander Deanna Troi
  C.   Dr Beverly Crusher
  D.   Lieutenant Tasha Yar

5. What is the name of Data's android daughter?
  A.   Alexandra
  B.   Sarjenka
  C.   Lal
  D.   Naomi

6. Data and Captain Picard go to Romulus to retrieve what well known Starfleet representative?
  A.   Sarek
  B.   Captain Kirk
  C.   Lieutenant La Forge
  D.   Spock

7. What part of Data's body was discovered in a cavern in 24th century San Francisco ?
  A.   his hand
  B.   his foot
  C.   his head
  D.   his arm

8. What is the name of the colony on which Data is created and later destroyed by the Crystalline entity?
  A.   Omicron Theta
  B.   Devidia II
  C.   Atrea IV
  D.   Crosis

9. Who created Data's emotion chip for him?
  A.   Lore
  B.   Dr Soong
  C.   Geordi La Forge
  D.   Captain Maddox

10. In which "Star Trek" movie is Data destroyed?
  A.   "Generations"
  B.   "Insurrection"
  C.   "Nemisis"
  D.   "The Final Frontier"®   

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